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Friday, December 18, 2015

Little Changes Can Make a Big Difference...Sometimes for the Worse. See for Yourself...

Little changes can make a big difference.  It seems that the general trend in Nashville is towards a more progressive walkable city but there are times of obvious step back.  Today, I encountered a big one.  

One of my treasured foot paths, between the Hill Center and Bandywood in Green Hills, has been very recently fenced off.  Someone, presumably the landlord, took the time and spent the money to do it.  


The construction dumpster was bad enough but now this fence!

As I was shimmying between the rigid fence and the grey-green 
?electrical box, I commiserated with a guy loping towards me, cutting through the parking lot, planning on utilizing the sweet stone pathway as I have done a million times before.  

My first thought was, 'Oh, so Nashville' and I am sorry that this is the way my city is sometimes.  It's frustrating that walkers are not supported and celebrated more.  

Pedestrians should not be treated as 2nd rate citizens as they add a lot of value to a community.  The fact is, pedestrianism is good for cities.  Less car traffic = more conviviality.  More foot traffic = less social isolation.  Less air pollution = more fit citizens.  


Foot traffic, for businesses, can only be seen as a boon.  I am not sure what the correct response is here to the fenced off walkway...If someone has a good and decent idea - please comment below.

As pedestrians in Nashville know...There are far too many places where the sidewalk abruptly ends.  Maybe there is a way to reverse this recently created blockade to walking...

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