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Monday, December 14, 2015

Things You Should Have on Your Xmas/Holiday List

The following top 5 list was created by Dr. Katie Rizzone, who is has a wry sense of humor that never ceases to make me laugh...


Things you should have on your Xmas/holiday list instead of whatever crap you currently have:
1. Exercise. Join a gym, get a treadmill, and do whatever it takes to stay consistent. (I would add:  EXPLORE YOUR CITY - TAKE A WALK OUTSIDE!!!) You don't need to do 100 pull-ups, just be active.

2. Don't smoke/drink. Stop, for the love of yourself, figure out a way. If someone smokes around you, get them to stop. Alcohol is a known toxin, you can get way more heart health through walking than red wine. Sorry, but true. 

3. Eat real food. Don't take in your nutrients through supplements or shakes or gluten free, vegan bacon whatever. Eat real food and prepare it yourself. Don't go out to eat often. That food is usually not healthy. 

4. Repair fractured relationships with family. You have no idea how expensive long-term care is. And how shitty the food is until you get there. I would stay on everyone's good side. You're going to need them to take you to doctors visits, help with your meds etc etc

5. Figure out how to be happy. Get outside, find a hobby, be nice to people. Even if you get hit by a bus at 40, for goodness sakes' it's so much better.


I would add ---  to number 1- Exercise (this should be done AT ANY COST!  If childcare is an issue, the Y has an amazing childcare center where you can drop your children FOR  9 HOURS PER WEEK while you exercise).  

6. Get Involved:  Grow some of your own food, sweep your front walkway, sit on your front porch and wave at your neighbors, volunteer for something you care about (I am involved in making Nashville more walkable and it has led to all sorts of fun), listen, learn something new, go to your public library & wander, travel.  

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