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Friday, July 29, 2016

Tree Lined Walkways & Roadways = Shade Parade = More Pedestrians!!!

It must be the heat of late July, but I cannot emphasize enough that Nashville would do better to provide more shade to its pedestrians.  It is a brutal reality to look ahead and see no shade cover to provide relief.  Walking with an umbrella helps but trees would help more...  

A few key things to consider: 
  • Know that there is a public right-of-way on all property where a sidewalk will (hopefully!) be put in.  Therefore, do not plant your trees in this area.   You'll want to plant your tree in a way that it will line the future sidewalk  
  • Look up!  If you have overhead wires, you'll need to consider trees with a shorter terminal height such as flowering cherry trees.  This is critical for proper growth and for aesthetic pleasure.  If you plant a tall tree, the utility company will eventually have to trim it so that it does not interfere with the wires (and this is not often pretty!)

110F in the sun 
85F in the shade...

Nashville does suffer from an heat island effect due to all our hard surfaces.  If you note the temperatures, we are always 4-5 degrees hotter than the surrounding regions.  One way to combat this is on the neighborhood level.  

Plant trees!!!

This article below has some great tree planting concepts...I encourage you to take a look...


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