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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Eye Candy or the Importance of Amusement While Walking About

As anyone who has spent time in New York City knows you can be entertained just by walking around and looking.  Wonderful eye candy abounds.  The people are beautiful, window displays are cutting edge and the architectural details lovely.  Infrastructure was NOT an afterthought here.  Not to mention the kinetic frenzy of just life on the streets…it is hard not to walk a little further just to continue to be a part of it all.  

Here in Nashville, a walk is typically more of a sedate affair unless you are attempting to walk along one of our more busy streets without a sidewalk.  Then, you can feel a certain life threatening pressure that is less than comfortable and a whole lot less interesting than a typical walk in most major cities.  

Until recently…

I have been following this house for years at 734 Jackson Blvd.  It is original for Nashville and was drawn by Larry Woodson.  The landscape architects, Kaiser Tribue, did a unique plan.  My husband, Andy, did the interior hardscapes (Proctor Marble & Granite).  We ended up using Larry & Kaiser Tribue for our recent home remodel.  

So, I went by the house a lot just to look…When one day I saw the beginnings of the artwork above and was stunned!  I had heard the home owners were showing movies on the large flat expanse in front but I never expected something so radically beautiful in Nashville.  

But, you see, and this is proof, Nashville is changing.  

'It’s not traditional. It’s a different kind of art. You don’t go somewhere and see it on purpose. Also, this is Belle Meade. People don’t expect to see it here'.

To experience the full effect, I encourage you to walk by…

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