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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Please, Do Not Sweat the Walker!

Shade Parade promises not to get on a soapbox too often but it must be said - Don't sweat the pedestrians!

Have you ever been walking through a crosswalk only to feel a car, trying to make a right hand turn, inching towards you only to become alarmingly close to your knee caps?  That would be sweating the pedestrian.  It's rude - Don't do it.  They have the right to walk across the street.

Here is another example.  Have you ever been crossing the street in Nashville knowing that a car is waiting to turn left into your walking path? A feeling of dread can arise because you know they are only looking at oncoming traffic without paying you any mind? This makes pedestrians sweat.  Above being rude - it's dangerous.  You are obligated, when driving, to look ahead for pedestrians.

One more.  I promise not to belabor this issue.  Have you ever been walking down the street near an exit from a strip center where a driver has pulled far out onto the sidewalk and is now looking the other direction at traffic waiting for their opportunity to pull out?  Do you walk in front of their vehicle on the remaining sidewalk despite the fact that they are only looking the other way and have not seen you?  Or, do you risk walking behind their vehicle off the sidewalk even though you have the right of way???

I have included below a few visuals in case the descriptions above are not easy to understand.  

Notice the white minivan making a right turn below putting pressure on the pedestrians clearly in the crosswalk.  As a driver, when you are turning right or left, you must look ahead for pedestrians. 

The pedestrian has the right of way. Please don't sweat the pedestrian.  

Equally, if you are turning out of a strip mall that does not have a traffic light, you must LOOK BOTH WAYS to see if there is a pedestrian about to cross.  The pedestrian also has the right of way in this situation.

If there is a pedestrian in the crosswalk and you are trying to make a turn while driving - YOU MUST WAIT! 

Do NOT sweat the pedestrian! 


Shade Parade is looking for images of drivers putting pressure on pedestrians in crosswalks or on sidewalks where they have the right of way.  If you see this kind of behavior - please upload pictures or video to Shade Parade Nashville's Facebook page with a description of when and where.

Thank you in advance for making walkability possible in Nashville.

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