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Friday, January 3, 2014

Shade Parade = Tree-Lined Sidewalks

In addition to increasing walkability in Nashville via sidewalk production, Shade Parade is dedicated to catering to the needs of walkers.

This means paying close attention to urban design.  To quote the Nashville-Davidson County Strategic Plan for Sidewalks and Bikeways, this means making places that 'feel more like human scale villages:  outdoor seating, public art, benches, pocket parks, community gardens, and neighborhood-style buildings'.  I would also argue for more window shopping and greater numbers of pedestrians to add to the social aspect of walking.  Most critically, this means creating environments that are walkable all year.

Nashville is terribly hot during the summer months.  To encourage walkability, sidewalks should be tree-lined to provide the comfort of shade.  

Tree-Lined = Shade Parade

If you are lucky enough to have a sidewalk - consider planting trees to provide shade.  Be mindful of overhead wires when picking the type of tree to plant.  There are many smaller trees that might be more appropriate if overhead wires are an issue. 
If you are lucky enough to have a sidewalk and a green buffer zone consider planting trees on both sides of the sidewalk to create even more coverage.

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