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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Photographs by Denise Schatz - Views From the Sidewalk or Why Serendipity Matters

For a long time, little respect has been given to walking. 

'Walkability is at the heart of urban vibrancy - short blocks, population density & diversity and mix of uses, building types and ages that all play out in a "sidewalk ballet" - Jacobs, 1961.

'Implied opportunities for serendipitous interactions' are an appeal of walking around one's city.

The creation of a walkable landscape is both a function of public and private intentions.  

Photos by Denise Schatz (from the book NIH NIH, Miniature Garden 2014)


Joe Cortright, Impressa, Inc., for CEOs for Cities.  (2009).  Walking the Walk:  How Walkability Raises Home Values in U.S. Cities

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Nih Nih.  Haikus by Jamie Stewart, Drawings and Photos by Denise Schatz, Insert by Casey Cook.

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