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Friday, April 24, 2015

Favorite Walks

This is something we, right now, can only hope for in Nashville.  The New York Times Magazine has a piece called Walking New York where people submit descriptions of their FAVORITE WALKS.   At this particular time in Nashville (spring 2015) can you honestly say that your city could create a collection of stories focused solely on our personal favorite walk around town?   This is the stuff of dreams… 

What can I say:  Nashville needs to build walking infrastructure.   Waiting longer isn't going to help us.   We need better sidewalks & many more of them right now.   Indeed, you have the right to walk safely to any destination.  Everyone is born a pedestrian.  We need sidewalks that make sense:  that are free of obstacles and link together in logical and safe ways.  We need this infrastructure so we can all get out safely and comfortably on foot for exercise, to accomplish our daily tasks and for the pure enjoyment of it as these stories in the NY Times declare.  

These stories of favorite walks clearly speak to these same desires & I strongly encourage you to advocate for improved walkability here in Nashville.

Click on the link to see the amazing images.  They are inspiring.

Walking New York

Sonny Rollins’s favorite corner of the Williamsburg Bridge. The best can-collecting route in Bushwick. Scroll down for New Yorkers’ most memorable walks in the city, and contribute your own.


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