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Thursday, April 23, 2015

What is it That You Want, Nashville?

Every city has a wish list of wants/needs.  Different people will identify different needs and place theses wants/needs at varying levels of importance.  I understand this.  Sidewalks just happens to be my highest wish.  

When I started this project I couldn't find anyone strongly advocating for the walkers of Nashville.  There were bike folks which I appreciated but no one was clearly speaking for pedestrians.  My goal was to start a conversation about walking in Nashville and I feel pretty good about the work I have accomplished.  

Certainly, as expected, not everyone agrees with my stance.  I have a neighbor who feels that there is no point to talking about sidewalks as there will never be a changing of minds.  She also very much dislikes my sandwich board below.  Two nights ago, when I was out walking with my Nashville Needs Sidewalks race bib attached to my backpack, I ran into a couple (also walking) who said Nashville doesn't need sidewalks - we need to fill our potholes.  This kind of feedback makes me quite pleased as I am getting people to think about walking, sidewalk infrastructure, and the direction they want the city of Nashville to go in.  

In a city, where funding is finite, if you have something you want - such as sidewalks - you better speak up.  As they say, 'The squeaky wheel gets the oil'.  

I personally think that having the best walkability Nashville can create has so many benefits that it is at the top of my list.  It certainly trumps potholes to me.  

What is it that YOU want, Nashville?

It is very easy to take 2 minutes and email the mayor and your councilperson.  I am asking you to request funding to build new sidewalks according to The Davidson County Strategic Sidewalk Plan which was created in 2003, updated in 2008 and never funded.  

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