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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Each Person in Nashville Drives About 36 Miles A Day!

A logical response to a sign like this is:  Why do Nashvillians drive so much?  One explanation could be our lack of walking infrastructure.  Compared to sister cities, we are woefully behind.  When a walker sets out on foot but encounters numerous obstacles and inconsistencies the results are a hesitancy to try it again.  Frankly, it is just easier to drive.  See  

Another reason might be a perception of safety issues.  Walking on a sidewalk that is directly next to a road with no green buffer or shade trees is not comfortable.  If a child tumbles, the only place to go is in the road.  If a car looses control, they could land up on the sidewalk.  Psychologically, it will stop you in your tracks.  These 'dead sidewalks' exist for a reason. 

Worse yet, are the streets with literally no safe place to walk.  Unfortunately, you can be walking along and encounter an abrupt ending of a sidewalk with no warning at all leaving you to walk directly next to cars.  Not safe - I don't think anyone one would let a child walk here.

In fact, Nashville is currently ranked the 15th most dangerous city for pedestrians based on deaths occurring on foot.  See

Importantly, Nashville could change!  With leadership that advocates for our pedestrians, we could have a consistent and well designed sidewalk network that is beautiful, heavily used and safe.  


Nashville needs well designed, high quality, and uniform sidewalks with adequate green buffers to provide shade.

That is the goal of Shade Parade Nashville & The Sidewalk Foundation.

The plan to open a dialog about these issues and to urge our elected officials to be pedestrian advocates.

If you or someone you know would like to put in a regulation sidewalk in front of your home or development OR would like to make a donation to The Sidewalk Foundation contact

We also have Nashville Needs Sidewalk Bibs

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