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Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Comparison Of Nashville's Sidewalk Ratio to A City with Universal Sidewalks - in Pictorial Form

In recent days, I have had a lot of questions about Nashville's sidewalk to roadway ratio.  It is a little hard to wrap your head around the ratio so I drew a picture of it. 

0.45 miles of sidewalks to 1 mile of roadways 
Population > 600k 

To clarify, compare Nashville to Minneapolis.  There, all roads are essentially lined with sidewalks on both sides!  Imagine!

1.97 miles of sidewalks to 1 mile of roadways 
Population 400k 

If Minneapolis can sidewalk their city with a significantly smaller population - can't Nashville???

Contact Info:

Want to help?
- call Public Works at 311.  Request a sidewalk.
- donate to The Sidewalk Foundation - 1 sq foot of sidewalk = $50.  
- Walk [your city] signs:  $25. 
- come to The Mayoral Candidate Coffee on Walkability.
- come to Pedestrian Paradise. Bowling/Elminton Park  Oct 19th 4-7p
- Wear a NASHVILLE NEEDS SIDEWALKS race bib when walking!  For all the drivers who honk at you when you are in the road - show them why!


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