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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Pedestrian Paradise Needs YOUR HELP!

October is Walk Month in Nashville.  
It is also Artober.  

One thing walking advocates often push for is an environment that is entertaining and scaled to the pedestrian.  Imagine a city that has lively streetscapes including street artists, great window shopping, and cafe style seating allowing you so many things to look at, hear, and experience while simply walking by.

In this spirit, we are hosting Pedestrian Paradise in Elmington Park.  Elmington Park is already home to many sports events, food trucks and the famous LARPers on Sundays.  For this event, Elmington Park will be further enriched by being 'Art Bombed' with tons of kinetic and interesting things to view and experience.    


As many of you know, Bowling Av in our pilot project here at Shade Parade & The Sidewalk Foundation.  The goal is to complete the sidewalk from West End to Woodmont on Bowling.  This is our 'Sidewalk Project #1'.  Later, we hope to connect this sidewalk network to one on Woodmont, then we will move onto Hillsboro.  This would highly benefit the neighborhood, West End Middle School, and the many business, churches and synagogues.  

We invite you to walk down Bowling Av (so you can experience walking here before the sidewalk is put in) and meet us in 
Elmington Park
Sunday, October 19th, from 4-7p



In order to pull this off
we need YOUR HELP!

  Calling all artists and performers!  We are looking for aerial acrobats, jugglers, performers, acting groups, singing groups, acoustic bands, unicycle riders, plein air painters, sculptors, dancers, yoga teachers, and tai chi teachers willing to lead a group and interact with the participants.  This is an informal event.  There is no stage.  The goal is to have the park itself studded with many types of kinetic and stationary events.

This is a free event with the intention of intriguing & entertaining pedestrians who pass through the park on foot.  

If you or someone you know would like to perform or volunteer - please let us know.

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