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Monday, August 25, 2014

Sidewalks in Nashville

According to The Strategic Sidewalk Plan for Davidson County put out in 2008, Nashville's Urban Service District ratio of sidewalks to roadways was 0.33:1.  It is critical to note that this is ONLY the Urban Service District (USD) and does not mean the whole county that is Davidson County or Nashville.  This number also means that 1/3 of Nashville's roads (in the USD) have sidewalks on ONLY one side of the road (NOT both).  

By comparison, Minneapolis has a sidewalk ratio of 1.97:1.  Essentially 2 miles of sidewalk for every mile of road.  This equals a sidewalk on both sides of the street.  Nice! 

Wouldn't that be wonderful here in Nashville? Can you imagine sidewalks on BOTH sides of the street on essentially all roadways?!?

This picture, which was published in The Tennessean on Aug 24, 2014, exemplifies what it feels like to walk most of Nashville's streets.  Do this look safe, easy, and comfortable?  Do you think this encourages walking?  

Would you walk here? Or, let you kids walk here?


The Tennessean also recently reported that our sidewalk ratio in Nashville has improved to 0.45:1.  I am questioning this statistic and will report back as soon as I know.  


Want more sidewalks in Nashville?

-> Donate to The Sidewalk Foundation.  Let's build some sidewalks in this town!  1 sq foot of sidewalk = $50.  1 linear ft (1x5') = $250. 

-> Plan to attend The Mayoral Candidate Coffee on Walkability.  Wed, Oct 8th, 745a-9a.  at Ruby.  Coffee donated by Bongo Java/Fido. 

-> Pedestrian Paradise.  A celebration of Walk Month Nashville.  Walk Bowling Av, see Elmington Park transformed into a Pedestrian Paradise with music, art, performances, food trucks, plus so much more.  Sun, Oct 19th, 4-7p.  We are encouraging all to walk to this event.  Rules of the road:  walk against traffic, wear bright/reflective clothing, & it never hurts to make eye contact & wave at drivers.


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