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Friday, August 8, 2014

Infrastructure in Nashville -> Pedestrian Paradise Oct 12, 2014

As you make your way around Nashville, I encourage you to really evaluate our infrastructure.  Most roads, outside of the urban core, were built quickly and cheaply after  WW II.  

This is Bowling Av, Sidewalk Project #1.  It is a perfect example of the road described above.  Essentially, it is just a flattened place with asphalt.  No curb, no gutter, NO SIDEWALK. This is the cheapest infrastructure.

In addition, the speed limit is 35 miles per hour.  For a pedestrian, this is an uncomfortable place to walk and it is evident in the few people you see scurrying along this road trying to get to a side road to escape.

My daughter, who is in kindergarten, has her bus stop here.  We will be spending the year observing this place & I am sure there will be tales to be told.


Walk Month Nashville is in October.  Currently, we are concocting plans to turn Bowling into a 'Pedestrian Paradise' for a day.  The plan is to get the whole neighborhood out on foot in mass and take back Bowling Av.  We will all end up at Elmington Park where lots of fun events will be scheduled. 
Tentative date:  
Sunday, October 12th, 2014.


Hoped for Events:

> - arts/crafts
> - plein air painting/painters
> - dance
> - music
> - theater - Shakespeare on request?
> - additional food trucks
> - movie in the park
> - outdoor yoga
> - outdoor tai chi
> - run/walk event down Bowling Av

If you have ideas or would like to contribute/volunteer - please let me know through this blog, via Facebook or via email…

As many know, The Nations, in Nashville is planning a similar event where they will completely change 51st Av into a much more inviting space on August 23rd…Please plan to come to this event!

Shade Parade Nashville and The Sidewalk Foundation are dedicated to bringing high quality well designed sidewalks to all of Nashville.  Our 1st project is to sidewalk Bowling Av (Sidewalk Project #1).  Please join us in this goal by asking your councilperson and Public Works to Sidewalk Bowling Av from West End to Woodmont.  You can also support this goal by making a generous donation!  

$50 = 1 sq ft of sidewalk. 

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