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Saturday, August 23, 2014

TODAY - See a Neighborhood Transformed!

Come see a neighborhood transformed!  

Today from 10a-10p!

Through the actions of a group of dedicated volunteers - 51st Av gets a modern makeover

 The emphasis today will NOT be how to get a vehicle from point A to point B the fastest way possible but rather how to make a city street livable - pedestrian style.  This group is literally changing the scale of a 4 lane very busy street.  You can come experience this scale change that is made for you - a person on foot.  

See a road diet in action.  Come feel how a few changes, such as adding trees, narrowing a road, providing places to sit and talk can make a HUGE difference in the feel of a very busy and uninviting (to a pedestrian) road. 

If you like these changes - tell your elected officials.  Want more sidewalks in Nashville?  Come to The Mayoral Candidate Coffee on Walkability Oct 8th, Wednesday, at 745a, Ruby.  Donate to The Sidewalk Foundation.  Volunteer.  Get involved.  Get together as a neighborhood and do it in yours.  

Imagine your neighborhood as a socially rich, kinetic and vibrant place where all modes of transportation exists for the better.

Upcoming Events:

- OCTOBER is WALK MONTH NASHVILLE:  get your walk on 

- Mayoral Candidate Coffee on Walkability - come hear the new mayor's solutions to walkability.
---October 8th, Wednesday.  745a-9a.  Coffee provided by Fido.  At Ruby (next to Dragon Park). Parking (if needed) at Harris Hillman.  Please try to walk or bike if possible.
---moderator:  Bobby Allen from NPR
---all candidates have agreed to participate so far

- Pedestrian Paradise
---Bowling/Elmington Park
---October 19th, Sunday, 4-7p
---Be surprised on foot

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