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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Update on 33 New Miles…

The 33 new miles includes miles created by developers.  I do not yet know the full story on this but I do understand that when a commercial developer develops a property - they are to put in a regulation sidewalk (5' wide, with a 4' green buffer).  They are to create the sidewalk even if the remainder of the street is void of one.  Even if no one walks there (yet). 

The picture below shows a well done sidewalk in front of the Charlotte Av Police Department - The West Precinct.  Psychologically, when walking right here - it has a great feel.  You are physically buffered from the cars by the patch of grass and trees.  

Let your eye follow the sidewalk to its terminus where it empties into a parking lot of a tire repair shop.  You can see the difference.  This shows the importance of high quality well designed sidewalks here in Nashville.  They make a significant difference.

Still waiting to hear how many miles of new sidewalk were produced by Public Works last year.  As soon as I know, I will write about it.


That being said - I'll take any well designed high quality sidewalk in Nashville no matter who makes it.  These bits and pieces  created by developers & individuals (yes, you can DIY if you choose) add up over time.  In addition, Public Works has states that these 'sidewalks to nowhere' actually hold heavy weight when a road is evaluated for a sidewalk.

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