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Friday, August 22, 2014

Guerrilla Urbanist/Block Party TOMORROW - DO NOT MISS THIS!

According to The Scene, on August 23rd, for '12 hours during Saturday's Nashville Outlines block party, community volunteers will transform 51st Avenue North, the road that bisects The Nations, from a four-lane highway into an ideal block for pedestrians, narrowing it down to two lanes of traffic and adding bike lanes, crosswalks, parklets, traffic-calming measures and more'.

'Guerrilla Urbanist follows the design philosophy known as New Urbanism. But as Kenner readily points out, it's more like Old Urbanism, in which walkability and pedestrian-friendly measures are prized over speedy car traffic. He describes it as a corrective to the "70-year experiment" of centering urban design on the automobile.

"We've actually engineered our own abdominal obesity, our 35 percent obesity rate in the South, the type 2 diabetes rate — all of that is because of the way we designed America for the last 70 years," Kenner said. "New Urbanism is all about redoing good design and how to redesign neighborhoods to make them efficient and make it so we're not scared to walk."

So very true.  

I hope that you have all marked your calendars and plan to attend this Saturday, Aug, 23rd (TOMORROW!!!), 51st Av, from 10a-10p.  

During a few Saturday's this past month, I have volunteered with these guys.  I can lay claim to a few paint splatter chairs.   

And, I have to say - they are amazing.  Hard working, genuine and heartfelt…It would be a holy shame to miss this event.  If you want better walkability in Nashville - come to this event!


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