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Monday, August 4, 2014

Guerrilla Art/Urbanization - The Nations. Plus Early Thoughts on Walk Month, October 2014, Nashville

The urge to alter the environment is long standing.  

Lascaux, France.  Cave paintings, 30,000 years ago.

Arborglyph created by Basque sheepherders during the 1930s discovered in an aspen grove, California.  

Modern graffiti - Paul Curtis AKA Moose, graffiti in grime - accomplished by literally washing way dirt on wall with soap, brush and water.


For ages, people have been putting their mark on the world.  How can you get involved right now?

  The Nations, in Nashville, is enacting a wonderful example of this mark making.  Their work will completely transform 51st Av in a huge neighborhood wide event on August 23rd, 2014.  You can be a part of this - volunteers gather on Saturdays at 5600 Pennsylvania Av.    

Furniture made from foraged pallets


All the work is being completed by volunteers with mostly salvaged materials.  Their work is generating a huge amount of excitement in Nashville & I truly hope you walk down and enjoy the festivities on 8/23/2014.  

Check out their Facebook Page & give them a 'like'…


In a similar fashion, Shade Parade Nashville & The Sidewalk Foundation want you to get excited about/involved in Walk Month Nashville in October.

Preliminary plans are now being made to alter Bowling Av into a pedestrian paradise terminating in Elmington Park for an event likely on Sunday, October 12th.  We are looking into ways to make this a unique and intriguing event… 

If you have ideas about activities, resources or volunteering - please let me know. Initial thoughts include food trucks, theater, music, dance, movie in the park, arts/crafts, graffiti art, plein air painting, yoga, Tai chi, games. 

If you would like to get involved - message me on Facebook.

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