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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Nashville's Sidewalk Problem - A Pictorial

To understand Nashville's sidewalk problem - take one look at this picture.  It will show you why there has not been an overwhelming culture of pedestrianism here.  

We could change this.


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Want more sidewalks in Nashville? 

There is a lot to do:

-> Call Public Works request a sidewalk on Bowling Av from West End to Woodmont or on your street.  Our pilot project is Bowling Av & we hope that you will help us with this by asking for it, too.
(615) 862-8750
Mon-Fri 7a-5p

-> Read article in The Tennessean & comment on your thoughts about sidewalks in Nashville - we need Nashvillians to engage around this subject:

- > Read and comment to bring Nashville's walkability issues to a larger audience:

-> Attend The Mayoral Candidate Coffee on Walkability.  Wed, Oct 8th, 745a-9a.  At Ruby.  Coffee donated by Bongo Java/Fido.

-> Come to Pedestrian Paradise in Elmington Park.  A celebration of Walk Month Nashville.  Walk Bowling Av, see Elmington Park transformed into a Pedestrian Paradise with music, art, performances, food trucks, plus so much more.  Sun, Oct 19th, 4-7p.  You are encouraged to walk to this event.  Rules of the road:  walk against traffic, wear bright/reflective clothing & it never hurts to wave at drivers!

-> Donate to The Sidewalk Foundation.  Let's build some sidewalks in this town!  Sidewalk Project #1 is Bowling Av.  1 sq ft of sidewalk = $50.  1 linear ft (1'x5') = $250.

-> Donate $25 for a Walk [Your City] sign.  Green Hills campaign for Walk Month Nashville.



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