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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Gulch Bridge

Can we have it both ways?  Sidewalks for neighborhoods AND a new High Line like bridge over the Gulch?  Looks like maybe yes! 


That being said - we need A LOT more funding dedicated to neighborhood sidewalks.  San Antonio recently increased their sidewalk budget from 1.2M to 70M and sidewalked all streets within an 8 mile radius of downtown.

Could Nashville do the same?


According to The Tennessean:

'The administration also put $17 million into building sidewalks around the city last spring, and the new financing arrangement for the bridge means the $18 million that was already allotted for that project (the bridge) can now go to other infrastructure improvements' (sidewalks hopefully!).

'The measure is scheduled for the second of three required votes on Oct. 7'.  Take a minute to write to your councilperson and support this bridge.  (Frankly, we need as many walkways as we can get).

'The council voted 30-2 in February to indefinitely defer land acquisition for the bridge, which Dean planned to pay for at the time with tax dollars from the city's general fund. Some council members said they were frustrated to see the mayor proposing another downtown amenity when their districts don't have enough sidewalks.'

Now, it appears we may be able to have this really amazing new park like pedestrian structure over the Gulch AND MORE SIDEWALKS around Nashville. 

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