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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Street Art Scavenger Hunt - In Nashville?

October, in Nashville, is both Walk Month & Artober.  As the Pedestrian Paradise event (Sunday, 10/19, Elmington Park) is being fleshed out - I have come across some great ideas that could be used in Nashville.  In particular, I'd love to see more street art here as I am a big fan of the wonder that finding one of these pieces induces.  It is a great reward to the pedestrian to discover something that would be missed if speeding by in a car.


A friend of mine, who lives in Austin, sent a lavender T-shirt, size 2, emblazoned with this image for my daughter when she was born.  Who knew, almost 5 years later, I would find this street art in a piece entitled 'Austin Street Art Scavenger Hunt'.   According to the author, 'It was cool enough to be worn on a T-shirt by Kurt Cobain, and no other locale captures the "Keep Austin Weird" ethos quite like this painting. It's a must-Instagram'.

Of the street art in Austin, this one seems better placed in Nashville due to the prominent Johnny Cash icon by Federico Archuleta's in his "rock stars" series.

Nashville would be wise to copy this.  Apparently, there is literally a line to take photos at all times.  I would LOVE to put this, with the substitution of Nashville for Austin, on the side of West End Middle School, for Pedestrian Paradise.  Any one want to take me up on this?  

Doesn't this make you want to eat here?  Street art can encourage people to stop by your establishment.


Pretty cute.  Ok Nashville - what can we do to make Nashville more walkable right now?  More street art. Followed by a scavenger hunt map.  Any artists out there interested?

Austin Street Art Scavenger Hunt.  By Joe Hanson

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