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Friday, December 6, 2013

2 pedestrians struck on West End; 1 dead - WSMV Channel 4

2 pedestrians struck on West End; 1 in critical condition - WSMV Channel 4

A construction worker has died after he and a co-worker were struck by a vehicle Friday morning on West End Avenue while trying to cross the street.
Lucas Primero, 25, and Giovanni Rosa, 23, were working on a new dormitory building at Vanderbilt University and were trying to cross over in a non-crosswalk area near 21st Avenue when police say they were struck in the center turn lane.
Primero died at Vanderbilt University Medical Center on Saturday.
Rosa was not seriously injured in the crash.

The driver said he did not see the men, and he was not charged.
"The first thing that crossed my mind is, it could have been me," said construction worker Rodrigo Camacho.

Camacho says it was embedded in the crew from day one that the safety of the workers on and off the job site come first, and they were told never to cross where the men were hit.

"Every day, we are risking our lives, obviously, but sometimes we are not thinking. It only takes a minute to be in an accident like that one," Camacho said.

Pedestrians say it's even dangerous crossing busy West End while in a marked crosswalk.
"Sometimes we are waiting on the light, and we have the right to cross, and people just don't respect," Camacho said.

Chasin Jaigirdar says he's almost gotten hit several times.
"Obviously, people are not paying attention," he said

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