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Friday, December 6, 2013

Sidewalk Project #1 - Bowling Av, Nashville - Update

2nd Update (Dec 11, 2013):  Sean McGuire has agreed to amend the Capital Improvements Budget to include completion of Bowling Av sidewalk to its terminus at Woodmont!!!

Certainly, it CANNOT be this easy…have emailed to ask where stalls may occur and exactly what back up plan is required.  Will update as soon as I hear more…

Update (Dec 9, 2013):  After emailing the very helpful Jenna Smith at Nashville Public Works - this information was gathered.  

In regards to:
1) Bowling Avenue between Brighton Avenue and Woodmont Boulevard ~ total estimated cost to place sidewalk is 2M 
2) Woodmont Boulevard between Harding Pike and Bowling Avenue - total estimated cost to be 3M

- Projects of this magnitude (and these would include drainage and other structural related design and construction needs) usually are handled by Council Member request through the Capital Improvements Budget process

- Ball park figure of $100 per linear foot
- Easements and Right of Way are not all in place and would be required for the installation of sidewalks. These factors are included in the cost estimate above  
- Current location of power poles, utility boxes, etc. would need to be addressed  
- Cost depends heavily upon site needs such as drainage/storm water/curb and gutter/utilities/right-of-way, etc

Therefore, Nashvillians, your help is needed!  

Please email Council Members Jason Holleman at and Sean McGuire at and ask them to help green light Bowling Av sidewalk completion via the Capital Improvement Budget.

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