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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sidewalk Project #2 - Hillsboro Pike, Nashville or The Story of Why Hillsboro has a Traffic Problem

Nashvillians love to fuss about the traffic in Green Hills.  

Henry (20mo) and I decided to tour Hillsboro Pike on foot.  Specifically, we walked from Whole Foods to the Green Hills post office. 

Hurdles presented themselves immediately.

Starting point, note time and distance.

Walking north on Hillsboro Pike
 An example of a sidewalk that is essentially impassable.

Hillsboro Pike, walking north, Trader Joe's parking lot.
 Bumpers of cars extending over sidewalk.

Hillsboro Pike, walking north.

Limited width, difficult with stroller.

Hillsboro Pike, walking north.

Multiple curbs makes walking with stroller a 'stop and start' scenario.

Hillsboro Pike, walking north, Abbott Martin Rd is intersection ahead.
 Limited width, difficult with stroller.

Hillsboro Pike, walking north, just past Abbott Martin Rd.

I can't even comment on this.  This is embarrassing. 

Hillsboro Pike, walking north.
Near Green Hills Mall entrance, the sidewalk ends.

So, we go out in the road.

A very short sidewalk, decorative at best.

And, the sidewalk begins again.

There are multiple examples of curbs that making walking with a stroller a challenge.

Green Hills post office, exactly 0.54 miles, and a 14 minute walk from Whole Foods.

Heading south on Hillsboro Pike from the Green Hills Post Office.
Curbs and rough pavement.

Bus stop on Hillsboro Pike.
 Lots of trash behind chain link fence.
Somewhat less than inviting…

Hillsboro Pike, heading south, in front of Hillsboro High.
Where the sidewalk end again

Hillsboro Pike, in front of Hillsboro High.

Surprisingly, this was one of the most refreshing spots to walk in the Green Hills area.  

Wide and smooth pavement provided an adequate buffer from traffic.

Tree lined = Shade Parade

With parked car, had to enter into flow of traffic.  

The sidewalk begins again.

Greenbriar Village on Hillsboro Pike offered a great example of a sidewalk with a green buffer.

Hillsboro Pike, walking south.
Rough pavement, curbs, telephone pole mid-sidewalk.

Poor maintenance
Large telephone pole mid-sidewalk

Hill Center, Whole Foods

 Walk from Green Hills post office to Whole Foods, exactly 12 minutes.

Shade Parade is dedicated to improving walkability in Nashville

Walk from Whole Foods on Hillsboro Pike to Green Hills post office takes less than 15 minutes on foot, 0.47 miles, and roughly 1081 steps.  

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