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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Green Hills Residents Pushing For More Sidewalks

I was telling a friend today about my adventurous walk through Green Hills with my 20 mo son.  She said she had seen a group of people on Hillsboro in raising awareness and advocating for sidewalks…a quick search lead to The Green Hills Action Partners website ( and this news report below.

The Green Hills Action Partners
News Channel 5
October 2013

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – It's one of the busiest stretches of road in Nashville, but the problems don't stop on the street and many people point out what maybe even worse, the sidewalk.
For the past 11 years, The Green Hills Action Partners organization has looked for ways to change the scenery along this stretch of roadway by showing the problem one step at a time.
"We just really would like to have a complete network of sidewalks that can get you into and around the Green Hills business district," said coordinator for Walk Green Hills, Angie Emery Henderson.
She said the problem isn't just a lack of sidewalks; it's that they don't all connect.
"Folks that are really barely a third of a mile from the business district cannot walk to the business district to have lunch or run errands," said Henderson.
Brandon and Bess Knox recently moved to Nashville from New York City; where walking was a part of their everyday life.
"So the sidewalk might go 100 yards and then it hits a large grass hill or something and you have to go into the street; with oncoming traffic to get around maybe 50 yards, to rejoin the sidewalk," said Brandon about the sidewalks near his Green Hills area home.
They say they only live a mile and a half from their office, but walking is out of the question, especially with their eight-month-old child.
"Unfortunately on one side of the road there is a sidewalk, but on the other side there is not, so I would have to cross a main street to get to a sidewalk with the baby, which I would feel uncomfortable about," said Bess.
"As you can see right here there is no sidewalk at all and often what grass is there has holes in it and is bumpy, so we had a few older folks who had some challenges," said Henderson.

Green Hills Residents Pushing For More Sidewalks - | Nashville News, Weather & Sports

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