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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Landscape Design Says 'Do Not Walk Here' or the Busy Corner of Woodmont and Hillsboro Pk, Nashville

The photo below sums up an overarching theme in walkability here in Nashville.  

Can you imagine trying to walk this?  Frankly, walking is difficult in Nashville.  This city was not designed with walking in mind.  Culturally, Nashvillians have not grown up as active pedestrians.  In the past, walking was not considered important.  Value was not placed on the luxury of connectivity walking affords.  Urban planning and design both were not emphasized.  

We recognized that there is no glamour left in sitting in bumper to bumper traffic. There is no chance of running into an old friend, seeing budding flowers about to burst forth, or experiencing the exhilaration of moving ones body.

Trends shows that people want the ease and the richness of throwing on some shoes and going about their business.  There are significant gains to using ones body to get from here to there. To name a few:  reduction in air pollution, decreased boredom, increased circulation, interesting encounters.

Unfortunately, in Nashville, the paucity of attention to walkability is blatantly obvious now.  And, desires have changed.  So, what to do?   

Shade Parade hopes to attract people who support walkability in Nashville.  Our main goal is to create walkscapes via sidewalks.

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