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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Considering Sham Sidewalks and Other Weird Ideas in Nashville

One reason, I have come to understand, you don't see many pedestrians in Nashville is because we stay off the main drags.  Too dangerous, uncomfortable, noisy, stressful. 

We can tell that many places have clearly not been designed for real use by walkers but are more window dressing.  These sham sidewalks never make it - they are down right ridiculous and therefore are dead.  Not a sole in sight.  Ever.  A sham sidewalk - killed by its very design.

There is a lot of change occurring as we progress quickly into being a real urban community here in Nashville but sadly we don't seem to much care about stitching pedestrianism into the fabric of life.  In fact, we appear to try and shut it down.  As many vociferously and bitterly complain about gridlocked traffic and lack of parking - we seem to not be able to see that we, collectively as a city, are the problem.   

We allow for poor design.


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