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Thursday, May 28, 2015

You Know You Have Made It When…

You know you have made it when…you find a photo of yourself on a US Department of Transportation web site while searching for photos of people 'walking - lack of sidewalks'.

This photo is me walking to the public park in my neighborhood.  This is the quality of many many streets in Nashville in the Urban Service District & it is frankly unacceptable.  You can see the flow of traffic - it isn't minor - and the speed limit is 35mph although, I suspect, that many go a lot faster.  

Would you let your children walk alone here?

This is also my Sidewalk Project #1.  Bowling Av, Nashville, TN.  Trish Mixon & I have been working on this street - which would allow an entire neighborhood to walk to our public park, our middle school, the bus stop on West End, churches, synagogues, and many businesses.  

You can help - we have created a non-profit called The Sidewalk Foundation to raise funds to accomplish this goal.  $350 per linear foot.  We are also looking for one homeowner on Bowling to put in a piece of sidewalk (to Public Work specs) with the aid of crowdsourcing and volunteers to occur in October for Walk Nashville Month.


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