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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Were You Confused When You 1st Moved to Nashville? This is for you!

When I wear my Nashville Needs Sidewalks sign, I tend to have people say one of two things:

- 'Nashville does need sidewalks'
- 'You are right.  When I moved here, I was so confused!'

I hear this all the time but I want to know more…

Have you moved to Nashville and thought to yourself, "How am I supposed to get around this town?'  Did the lack of mobility, sidewalks, and public transportation leave you confused?

  Have you grown up here, left for a while, moved back and equally had a sense of uncertainty about what we were doing in Nashville in regards to transportation?

Well, this is for you!  We are collecting your stories!

Please share with us your first impression of Nashville's walkability.

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