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Sunday, May 10, 2015

My favorite part of Steeplechase is the Bus Ride

My favorite part of Steeplechase is the bus ride.  I like the camaraderie prior to the big event.  Everyone dressed in their finest and excited for what the day will bring. 

I also like it because I don't have to do anything but sit and enjoy.  I can play with my children and look at the pretty scenery going by as we pass through the wilds of Percy Warner Park. 


What can I say - I love public transportation.  It is social & gives one the opportunity to just relax - read or look out the window.  I wish I could figure out a way to weave it into my life here in Nashville but I just can't.  It is impractical, disconnected and too time consuming.  They are too infrequent.  And, the bus often drops you in a place that links to essentially nothing.  If the bus  was connected to an awesome network of shade covered sidewalks - well, then ridership would skyrocket.

  I don't talk much about my love for public transportation here because this blog has singular  focus:  enhancing walkability in Nashville.  But, the topics are tied together - without good walkability public transportation will never be a solid option.

When buses drop you in places like this - literally a concrete pad that links to nothing - you can see why.


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