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Thursday, May 14, 2015

More Parking in Crosswalks in Nashville

Vision Zero, a plan adopted by many US cities, is a way to design  with the goal of no pedestrian vs vehicle crashes.  Part of Vision Zero is enforcement of traffic laws.  As a driver, you should be aware that you are NOT allowed to park in a crosswalk.  You can see this driver is directly blocking the crosswalk and the curb cut.  I watched a number of parents with strollers try to cross here only to have to run along the line of cars until there was a break wide enough for them to pass through.  

This particular crosswalk, at the intersection of 24th Av So and Belcourt is a real issue as it is repeatedly blocked.  

With the goal of making Nashville a safer city for pedestrians, I very much encourage you to call the non-emergency police (615-862-8600) when you see a car parked in a crosswalk or on a sidewalk.  These are pedestrian right-of-ways and should not be blocked.  

According to Pubic Works, 'people should know better' and I have to say I agree.  The only way we will make improvements in walking infrastructure at this moment is by letting our city leaders know that this is unacceptable and where the problems lie.  They cannot be everywhere - it will take people who are walking these routes to alert them to the issues.  


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