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Monday, May 25, 2015

It Takes Courage To Invest In Infrastructure…Will Nashville Do It???

It Takes Courage To Invest In Infrastructure…Will Nashville Do It???

On this Memorial Day, with the striking continuance of violence and war in the world, consider the gnawing issues we have right here at home.  Right before our eyes, we have infrastructure that is rusting, crumbling, or possibly worse, promised but never materialized.  

I very much encourage you to watch the video link below to learn more & think hard about what we can do to invest right here at home.

  • Elect individuals who are heavily educated and committed to improving infrastructure.  (Avoid those you say the issue 'needs more study'!)  
  • Promote civic philanthropy:  there are leaders in the US who donate to important causes.  This qualifies!  
  • Create alternative revenue streams:  Increase the gas tax.  We have no choice but to 'confront the privilege of private cars'.  Create a congestion charge on those entering the city from out of town.  Use these funds to improve alternative modes of transportation:  walking, bike, and public transportation
  • Be willing to do your part!  We all understand that government cannot do it all:  build and maintain your own piece of sidewalk?  Donate to The Sidewalk Foundation?  Support investment in infrastructure in your community.



Don't let Nashville continue to be the town where the sidewalk ends…

While looking for photos for this piece, I found a picture of my son Henry and me on the US Dept of Transportation website!  The original picture was published in The Tennessean.

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