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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Breaking News! The Sidewalk In-Lieu Fee is Increasing!

Really great news for Nashville!


The sidewalk in-lieu fee is increasing!

When a developer adds homes to an existing property, for the most part they are required to build a sidewalk out front.  

When you see a house torn down and 2 or more pop up in its place - these are the properties that should have a shiny new sidewalk out front like the one above. 

All too often, the houses appear over night but sadly, without the sidewalk out front.  Instead, an in-lieu fee allows developers to pay a markedly reduced amount into The Sidewalk Fund.  

Essentially, they could pay 6% of the total cost to install the sidewalk via this fund or pay 100% & do the work.  Herein lies the reason for the lack of sidewalks in front of these developments.  

Now, this fee, although still not up to market value of $250 per linear foot, is making a step in the right direction. The fee is increasing from $15 to $96 per linear foot starting Oct 30th.  

Thanks to Public Works & Planning for making this change!  The walkers of Nashville are thrilled & hope that it equates to more new sidewalks.


I still very much encourage you to call the developers as soon as you see the sign go out front on these properties & ask them to NOT pay the fee BUT TO BUILD THE SIDEWALK.  

As Nashville grows, we need significantly better options for walking & this is one way to get it.

For more info:


Shade Parade Nashville & The Sidewalk Foundation are dedicated to improving access to high quality sidewalks in Nashville.



I hope you all are planning on coming out TOMORROW for Pedestrian Paradise - an event to reward the walkers (soon to be walkers & bicyclist can come, too) of Nashville in honor of Walk Month Nashville!

For more info, to share on your Facebook Page, and to RSVP:

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