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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

#Walkgreenhills & Pedestrian Paradise (THIS SUNDAY!!!) - Events Made For You!

The rain is over.  Sun coming out in Nashville tomorrow and through the weekend.  Plan to walk Green Hills, take photos and share them on Instagram with hashtag #walkgreenhills.  Quoting The Scene, if you 'have to brave the sucking hole of Green Hills traffic' (definitely NOT MY WORDS) - give getting out on a foot a try.  You can't loose and you may win a prize (See for more info)!

Green Hills is surprisingly walkable.  The distance from say, Whole Foods or the Y to the public library is about a 10-15 minute walk.  Very doable especially when motivated by Walk Month Nashville!


Very importantly, and I cannot stress this enough: 

Pedestrian Paradise is THIS SUNDAY, October 19th from 3-6p!!!  

Come hungry.  Enjoy a picnic early dinner from Steaming Goat, the best coffee after dinner coffee from The Feisty Goat and dessert from Itty Bitty Donuts.  

Note the goat!

Coffee roaster installed in a van

Walk Bowling Av in its current state.  Note the difficulty that the students of West End Middle experience trying to get to school on foot.  If you live in the neighborhood - WALK to this event!  Walk down Bowling and see why a completion of the sidewalk grid would be a huge benefit to all.  Know the rules of the road:  Walk against traffic, wear bright/reflective clothing.

Consider crossing over to the north side of Bowling Av, on the north side of West End and see the HUGE difference a sidewalk can make to create a flourishing community. 

Stroll through 'Art Bombed' Elmington Park.  Take a free yoga class at 5pm.  Register to vote.  Stop and engage with jugglers, print makers, the creators of Little Libraries.  Create a profile with Smart911.  Sit in a parklet made from pallet furniture.  Spread your blanket and have a meal.  Hear a jazz band and a singer/song writer belting it out in the plein air.  

People watch!

Enjoy the late fall afternoon in Elminton park!

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