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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Mayoral Candidates Discuss Solutions to a More Walkable City

The Mayoral Candidate Coffee on Walkability was a big hit.  Very impressed by the amount of effort and time each candidate put into understanding the issues of pedestrians in Nashville.  Thanks to statistics such as Nashville being the 15th most dangerous city in the US as a pedestrian in the setting of also being described as an 'it city' our lack of walkability is finally ripe for discussion (and hopefully well designed and expedient action!).  

It feels like the desire to walk safety and pleasantly in Nashville has reached a critical mass quality.  

I hope you made it.  All 5 mayoral candidates participated.  This was a unique opportunity to hear each candidate's take on walkability and infrastructure in Nashville.  

If not, expect a trancription of the event over the next coming weeks on this blog.  

Standing room only
Estimates of 140-180 citizens

(From left to right)
Moderator: Bobby Allyn, from Nashville Public Radio

Linda Rebrovick
David Fox
Megan Barry
Jeremy Kane
Charles Robert Bone


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