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Friday, October 31, 2014

Last Day for #Walkgreenhills Campaign!

Seems fitting that Halloween marks the last day of Walk Nashville Month.  I hope you all plan to get out on foot tonight.  When you do - just note the infrastructure available to you.  Do you have to walk along a narrow road without sidewalks?  Are there crosswalks at intersections?  Are the intersections squared or rounded (rounded intersection encourage rolling stops - not good for pedestrians).  Any bulb outs (we LOVE these!)?  What's good?  What could be better?

Today is the last day for the #walkgreenhills on Instagram campaign.  You can post the good, the bad and the horrible pedestrian infrastructure to #Walkgreenhills on Instagram & win a sweet prize (competition ends today).

  If you don't make it to Green Hills today,  next time, I challenge you to park that car & move about on foot. Again, notice what a challenge it is to walk with the current infrastructure.  The distance is short between destinations but the terrain is a crazy quilt of random curb cuts, egresses, obstacles and sidewalks - many poorly maintained. 

Nashville - we can do better! 

As I posted yesterday, I believe the big question to be put to our city leaders is:

Are you going to put pedestrians first?

Contact & to Donate:

The next big thing for Shade Parade Nashville & The Sidewalk Foundation will be focused on fund raising.  If you want more sidewalks in Nashville - consider a donation.  We hope to get a Kickstarter campaign up soon (what to help?) and a silent auction, too.  All monies collected will go in full to specific sidewalk projects.

City officials continually state they think sidewalks are a good idea but they have no funding for it.  Over 50% of the monies for sidewalks currently go to repairs.  There have been 3 new miles of sidewalks built by the city in the last 2 years.  This shows a serious lack of commitment to pedestrian infrastructure and Nashville needs to be called out on it.  

Nashvillians give to large civic organizations such as Cheekwood, the zoo, and the symphony.

 Why not give to sidewalks?


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