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Monday, October 20, 2014

Inconsistent Patchwork in Sidewalk Network Leads to Difficulty Getting From Point A to B in Nashville on Foot

For the record, I am for the Gulch Bridge - although I would like a consideration of roofing over the whole train area and building a BIG pedestrian park - like the park in Dallas created by covering the expressway.

I am also for the 440 Greenway.  In fact, I am wondering 'what's the delay'?  If land was set aside years ago - why don't we have a beautiful park to enjoy now?


You can see that I have little bias - I just want the best walkability Nashville can offer.


One of the arguments I hear against sidewalks is that people really don't walk much in Nashville - the sidewalks we have are underutilized. 

What I want you to notice is the completely inconsistent patchwork of walking option we have right now.  Mixed messages abound.  Walk here (rare) & definitely do not walk here (far too common). 

Once you become conscious of the limited and seemingly random choices available you'll never again wonder why you see so few walkers around town.


I am all for taking each road as a unique place with distinct needs but we need a basic set of infrastructure standards put in place for Nashville walkers.


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