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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Cow Paths

Cow paths, a very ungenerous term, are created when many people walk along the same unpaved path creating a trail.  The more you walk in Nashville the more cow paths you will discover.  Cow paths are the natural reaction to superblocks. As a walker, typically, you are looking for the shortest way to get from point A to point B.  The example above is from the Green Hills public library's back lot to the strip mall that fronts Hillsboro with Starbucks and Kalamatas.

The Green Hills transportation plan has designs on breaking up some of these superblocks, common in Nashville beyond the 440 loop, to the great benefit to pedestrians.  

Compared to a cow path, doesn't this look much more inviting?  Frequently, I hear people say that sidewalks are not needed because they never see anyone out walking.  Therefore, the need is low.  The interest is low.  

I would argue that if the infrastructure is not designed for pedestrians - walking is actually discouraged.  And, in many places in Nashville walking frankly is dangerous.

Change is in order.  

On the surface, sidewalks may seem like a fairly unsexy and mundane topic but they have enormous power to dictate how you move.  Without them, you are far less likely to walk anywhere much to the chagrin of your cardiovascular system and psyche.  If more sidewalks in Nashville hold even a shred of interest for you - will you please like Shade Parade Nashville on Facebook?  

Engagement on FB is really important for continued exposure to feeds and for us to gauge interest.  I'll remind you that Nashville, when compared with other major cities, was ranked the 2nd worst walking city in America.  We need help - specifically your help!  Share and like Shade Parade Nashville stories.  Better yet, will you follow us on FB and Blogger?  

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