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Monday, February 10, 2014

How Fun is This?

        Let's making walking more fun!

Putting your shoes on and going it by foot should be a pleasure…

A few years back, the CDC stated that new buildings should place staircases up front and bury the elevator in back to encourage people to opt for the stairs.  

Encouraging stairwell use is easy and effective.
  • Encouraging stairwell use deserves special attention as it is an inexpensive, proven approach to increasing employee physical activity.  Use of “point of decision” signs (i.e., brief messages encouraging stairwell use) near elevators or escalators can increase stair use (median net increase of 53.9%)
  • Effective encouragement requires more than signs. Improvements in stairwell safety and appearance, such as carpeting and lighting to make stair climbing more secure and bright wall colors to increase stairwell appeal are relatively inexpensive ways to enhance stair use

Or, as Volkswagen did…

If interested in a similar project here in Nashville - please email Volkswagen at:

Here is a copy of my email below (2/10/2014):

Hello Volkswagen - I blog about increasing walkability in Nashville. As a physician, I see many who are obese and who suffer from asthma - both of which could benefit from more walking and less air pollution.  Last night, I saw your video ( Would you have any interest in doing a similar project in Nashville? I think it is fantastic. Thank you for considering it!

If you see any particularly interesting infrastructure geared towards walkers like this delightful video - please share with Shade Parade Nashville via Blogger or Facebook.


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