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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sidewalk Project #1 - Bowling Av, Update

7 additional responses arrived last night:

17/62 responses so far

Bowling Av lacks sidewalks on the west side from Brighton to Woodmont.  It also lacks sidewalks on the east side, despite having a very high Sidewalk Priority Index (SPI), due to West End Middle School, from West End to Woodmont.  This covers 0.7 and 1.3 miles respectively.  

Brighton to Woodmont on Bowling - Note it is a 15 minute walk

West End to Woodmont on Bowling - a 26 minute walk

Directly on the other side of these thick bushes is West End Middle School.  It may purport to be welcoming to bicyclist but the impression is not inviting to walkers.

Bowling, with its location and width has a lot of potential.  One could imagine traffic calming green planter strips in the middle particularly near West End.  There are also areas that could be re-imagined as pocket parks such as the creek.

As the commenter notes below, walking on Bowling itself may not be essential unless you live directly on it.  But, as we take steps as a city towards connectivity, it needs to be recognized as a major feeder road for West End, Woodmont and Hillsboro - all areas of increased vehicular traffic.    

Comments to date:
  • Very Supportive - 4
  • Supportive - 9
  • Btwn Supportive & Neutral - 1
  • Neutral - 2
  • Against - 1 
  • Undeliverable - 5 (4 of which I am going to try to re-deliver)

  • Neutral
  • Between supportive and neutral: thank you for your informative letter.  I currently fall between #2 & 3 in my support for a sidewalk, as you can see.  We have recently spent quite a sum rebuilding the stone wall that runs in front of our property but actually sits on the easement.  Many thanks
  • Against, Bowling Av is heavily traveled by speeding cars.  I do not think it can be made safe due to the narrowness and the drainage issues.  It is not uncommon to clock cars driving 60 mph on Bowling.  I think no one truly needs to run or walk great distances on Bowling Av.  Additionally, several areas of Bowling are flanked by very deep ditches.  It would seem the cost of putting a sidewalk from Brighton to Woodmont would be prohibitive.  If it were vital to the neighborhood, I believe it would have been accomplished.  
  • Yes to sidewalks
  • Supportive
  • We would be supportive and would even consider contribution for sidewalk
  • Supportive, however, I would not like my rock wall destroyed where there is a rental property with no wall across the street.   Unfortunately, Frist's live on the other side of the street a bit down and doubt they want sidewalk in front of the house. 

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