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Friday, February 21, 2014

Travel by Pedestrians is the Most Common Mode of Transportation Throught the World

Travel by pedestrians is the most common mode of transportation throughout the world.  According to David Byrne, who wrote Bicycle Diaries, 'A bike is the world's most used form of transportation'.  Either way, it appears the a car is NOT king when it comes to transportation around the world despite how it seems in Nashville.

This picture below, from The Plan of Nashville,   shows the relative amounts of space in a right-of-way occupied by forty people using various modes of transportation.

On the top left:  cars, bumper to bumper
On the top right:  people spaced as if they are in car

Bottom left:  people spaced as if they are in a mass transit vehicle
Bottom right: bikers and pedestrians.

In Nashville, the complaints about traffic are routine and fairly epic.  As you can see above, with more utilization of alternative modes of transportation, less physical space is required.  

Consider the image above next time you see a  pedestrian or bicyclist - and thank them for helping to relieve your traffic woes!  Better yet, support walkable sidewalk production in Nashville.  

Shade Parade is dedicated to increasing the walkability in Nashville.

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