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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sidewalk Project #1 - Bowling Av, Letter Update!

12/62 letters have returned about Sidewalk Project #1, completion of the sidewalk on Bowling Av, Nashville TN.

Domenico walks all the time.  Don't you wish you could, too?


  • 4 were very supportive
  • 5 were supportive
  • 1 was neutral
  • 2 undeliverable

Comments included:
  • We are the only neighborhood in town where sidewalks come up to it and stop - from all directions.  We are a sidewalk desert!
  • I attended a meeting at Hillsboro High several years ago where individuals took surveys and input about sidewalks.  I talked to one of the 'surveyors' about private/public partnerships or private, and he discouraged the thought as 'discrimanatory'.  Thanks - we need a sidewalk on Bowling.  To reach the bus stop, you are required to walk on Wimbledon or West End…Bowling is not an option.
  • But would rather spend money on this as opposed to the AMP
  • Very opposed to the AMP
  • I am so glad you are doing this!  I have known that we need sidewalks on Bowling for a long time.  If you need any help please contact me.  
  • I would encourage our tax payer dollars to be spent on this awesome idea!  Please feel free to use all of my ditch for this purpose (as I live on Bowling and a large portion of my lot is on Bowling).  I do not support AMP as I have never ever witnessed more than 6 people on any bus along West End!  I do however support bike lanes - real bike lanes and sidewalks.  Thank you.
  • I would not like to see any tax increase or other expense.

Just for the record, Shade Parade finds it curious that people are telling us their opinions about the AMP.  

Although, personally, I am a big supporter of the AMP, this particularly project has no formal relationship with the AMP.  For full disclosure, I have met with Hodgson Douglas, the landscape architects/urban planners working for the AMP, to discuss sidewalks on Bowling Av, as they have funding for improvement on feeder streets.  Bowling would certainly be a good feeder street for the AMP.  Hodgson Douglas and our Councilmen are interested in the response from these letter in regard to neighborhood support for sidewalks on Bowling Av and will get a file containing the comments and results.  

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