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Friday, February 7, 2014

Pedestrian Pet Peeves

There are a few pedestrian pet peeves that all should note.  

Yes, this means you, too.

In no particular order…

Drivers, when you neglect to use your turn signal, pedestrians have no way of knowing your plan. Please do not make the pedestrian guess your intentions.  While the pedestrian is pondering your next move - they have to wait - wasting time.  Possibly time in the cold or rain or wind or blazing hot sun while carrying heavy groceries.  

No matter, turn signals are the law.  When you drive, you are obligated to signal your intent.  Imagine!


Note to drivers, when you pass someone on their bicycle, they are actually in motion.  They are not frozen in time behind you. 

Driver, put yourself in these shoes for a moment: say you (the pedestrian) are riding your bicycle down the road.  You are approaching an intersection where there is no stop sign or traffic light for you (you are just going straight down the road).  A car passes you and makes a quick right - directly in front of you forcing you to slam on your brakes.  

Better the driver stays behind the bicyclist allowing them to pass the intersection and then turns.  If there is a dedicated right turning lane - the picture belows shows you the rule.  Fancy that! 


Do not litter & pick up after your dog.  As a pedestrian the last thing you really want to appreciate is your dog's doo, your tobacco butt or your fast food trash.  This isn't 1979.  No one finds it cool to drive around town and throw remains from a fast food meal & cigarette out the window before peeling away.  Ditto for the dog's doo.  You get my drift.  


If a pedestrian is crossing the street - do NOT sweat them.  Don't do those little slow accelerations alternating with stops until you are practically on top of them.  Wait your turn.  It is coming.  Sweating them is rude.  The pedestrian is, again, out there on foot in the elements.  Have some respect.  Don't pressure them with your enormous chrome bumper.  Give them space and time to cross the street - then you are free to go.  Thank you.  


The sidewalk is for walking.  
Not parking your trash buggy.  It should not need to be said that the sidewalk should be free of obstructions.  According to Public Works, trash buggies are to be parked in the road.  


Do not honk at pedestrians if they have the right-of-way.  Recently, while walking down Woodlawn with my stroller opposite to traffic as the law states, a car just laid on its horn at us.  Granted, Woodlawn is a particularly frustrating road as it is a narrow cut-through street, where drivers pass quickly.  But, there is ample room for sidewalks.  From my neighborhood, it functions as a gateway to Elmington Park and Hillsboro Village.  My alternatives of travel are Bowling (no sidewalks on my end) and Hillsboro Pk (no sidewalks, no shoulder, plus 4 lanes of fast moving traffic).  I digress into a personal story - but you get the picture.  Don't honk - its really rude.  


Lack of attention to urban planning or planning a city soley for an automobile.

Lack of sidewalks.  Superblocks.  Curb cuts. Obstructions.  Poor urban planning.  Parking lots abutting sidewalks.  Scale & Planning based solely on the automobile…  

Frankly, infrastructure is critical to the success of a city.  Cow paths are not an acceptable alternative.  

Shade Parade Nashville is dedicated to creating walkability - true walkability - here in Nashville.  

We would love to hear from you!

Please submit them to us - we are compiling a top 10 list of pedestrian complaints!

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